Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It was fun to finally have a holiday at our own house! We usually do the back and forth thing for all major holidays, so it was soooo nice to stay home and have family come to us! Dan's family came over and we had lots of yummy food and an easter egg hunt in our dirt-clod yard . It was a great Easter!

Sleepy Caden
Audrey stealing Shane's candy
Egg Hunt with Uncle Dave (fuzzy picture)
Audrey and her Yia Yia
The Fam...notice Dan getting ready to whack the easter egg with his club...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

NBA's Boozer vs. Fox

Caden (otherwise known as "Boozer") and Shane ("Fox") love to play NBA every day now...now that the sun shows itself. I'm usually supposed to be the referee but I'm getting pretty lazy in my old age, so I like to sit there with my ice water and just watch the "super-back-triple shot," the "turn-around-over-head slam," and "spinning-backwards dunk". Since, I'm trying to figure out my super frustrating camera, I though it would be a great chance to practice getting some action shots...

(This picture cracks me up! Apparently, Caden needs some more manly influence and technique from his Daddy...)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Week of Tennesee

So, we just got back from our lovely vacation. It was fun! Fun to see all the sites, fun to take a break from life, and fun to visit Dan's sister (and fam)! And...it's nice to be home. Doing LOTS of stuff everyday with 3 little kids is pretty EXHAUSTING. I kept looking down at my pregnant belly thinking, "what have I done???".

Here's a breakdown of our many adventures...
Graceland was not at all what I was expecting. I was expecting this massive mansion with over-the-top decor, endless hallways, gigantic ceilings, and a greater, more intense appreciation, obsession and fondness of this man, Elvis. But, no. It was a pretty modest house...way cuter on the outside than inside. It was silly to expect more because the 60's and 70's were exactly THAT. So, everything naturally was brown, orange, carpet on the walls, short ceilings, skinny staircases, etc. And, as for Elvis...yea, it was pretty cool to be in his actual house and note all of his worldly success...but, that was it. It was "worldly" and I didn't feel any sense of great loss or deep sadness by the time I got outside to his burial site. Apparently, lots of people do...cause there are still fresh flowers and notes laying on his headstone. I actually thought that was pretty laughable. But, I still like the dude. ALSO...My pictures turned out SUPER CRAPPY cause they wouldn't let me use a flash and my hands aren't steady enough to compensate.

Here is Dan and Audrey having a moment with Elvis. It was really hard on him. Just kidding.

The next stop was the...


This is the ONLY pink car I would be willing to drive.

Audrey and I have similar taste. We both like the corvettes with the big bumps on the front and back sides.

No, it's not another prayer. Shane is unexplainably angry every single day for a couple hours.


The kids are already begging to go back to their house! They had lots of fun spending time with their super cute little cousin, Ailia and their fun Aunt and Uncle.

Caden and Jayson rocking out on Guitar Hero. Jayson is a serious rock star!

Audrey loves cousin Ailia...


These caves were awesome! They are huge and go on forever. Notice that we are pretty wet...the ceilings were dripping water. It was fun!

This was also during Shane's grouchy-hours. He would walk by us. But, I seemed to have caught a smile. Weird.


Notice the Elvis cards in Shane's back pocket...

This is a neat park in Nashville that has this replica of the Parthenon in Greece...


This is the hotel next door to the Grand Old Opry. It's awesome. It's kinda like a Vegas hotel where there is a mall type thing inside. There are beautiful plants and waterfalls throughout the whole thing. Loved it.

That's a wrap! Thanks Becc and Jayson for the fun time!