Thursday, May 22, 2008

Come to Mama...Oh, and Caden's Graduation

So, I'm in LOVE with breakfast. Possibly to the point of being deemed 'innapropriate'. Now that it's starting to warm up outside, I get major fruit cravings. Particularly for...SMOOTHIES! For Mother's Day I bought myself (don't you love giving yourself presents???) a heavy duty blender so that I could have my fruity concoctions at will and not have to venture to Jamba Juice anymore. So, smoothies for breakfast, smoothies for lunch and dinner. I have never been more regular!
I'm fascinated at how good these things are for you. Yum. I just bought bags of every kind of frozen fruit I could find. I buy canned fruit, fresh fruit, and 100% juices. Yum. I just dump in the blender whatever fruit I'm feelin' with some crushed ice and maybe a wee bit of juice or frozen yogurt and there you have it. Yum. I've read so much on blueberries and how they are the best anti-oxidant. I sure don't want cancer, so I make sure to dump a handful in every one of my smoothies. Yum.

I'm a big eater, I think. A smoothie alone is small-time, so I usually bang out something to go with it. Hence, the picture above. Simple ingredients for an egg sandwich: Eggs, crumbled bacon, cheese, and sourdough muffins. One of the greatest things about this breaksfast (smoothie included) is that it falls ALMOST perfectly in line with my diet of choice that I will have after my pregnancy. The only devil here is the muffin.

I would be shocked if you don't know how to put together an egg sandwich. But basically, you just cook up an egg. I like to remove all parts from the egg that resemble sperm (see above). While it's cooking, you toast your muffin. Dump the cooked egg onto the muffin with a slice of cheese and bacon crumbles and warm it in the microwave to melt the cheese for like 25 seconds. Easy...and yum.


Oh, and Caden graduated from Kindergarten. What a cute kid! There are a couple good reasons why these pictures are smaller than those above. First, is that I admit I am slightly self-conscience about my rapidly-growing pregnant body. Well, it's not the belly that makes me self-conscience. It's the pregnant arms, pregnant, face, bum and such. I'm not complaining! I love that I'm pregnant, I just don't love showing pictures of myself. The other reason is that my automatic camera really takes crappy indoor shots. So, when these pictures are larger they are blurry. One of these days I will be enrolling myself in photography classes.

The always-popular Yia-Yia (Dan's mom)...(Greek word for Grandma)

Caden with his teacher, Mrs. Arnow at Uintah Elementary. Very fuzzy picture.

So, anyway. I love Caden and I love breakfast. My avacados are almost ripe and I'll soon tell you about my other favorite breakfast. Truth be told, my REAL favorite breakfast is biscuits and gravy, greasy sausage, grits, and eggs. But, I'm sure you would all rather hear about the healthier favorite of mine. Soon, soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Who has time to scrapbook anymore??? Who are these people lurking on my blog??? And, how did my kids get so cute???

No, Shutterfly is not paying me. Although, they probably should...seeing as how I am quite possibly their biggest fan and I tell everyone about them. I actually LIKE scrapbooking, maybe a couple times a year, but that is NOT nearly enough time spent to cutify & beautify 3 scrapbooks, soon to be 4 scrapbooks, plus our family one. There is usually no where to just be able to leave the project out, the kids get into it, and frankly...I would rather be doing something else. But, I REALLY am a big fan of memories so it's important to me that my kids have something to document their memories. That is where Shutterfly has entered my life. Thanks to Jamie (who has not entered blog world, yet.) for introducing me to them. So, check this out...

Amazing, huh? It takes a matter of hours to complete a book (depending on the length). When you complete the book online, you just submit it and you will receive it in the mail in a few days! I have been doing one book for each year of my child's life. So, they have a 3 year old book, 4 year old book, etc. They are 12 x 12, and the covers are hard-bound.

This is the back-side of the books. You can just have a pattern, or use a picture like I did.

Every birthday, I write a letter to my child. And I have been able to copy and paste those into the books.

Inside pages...

I decided to color code the binders for each of my kids...Caden is blue, Shane is green, and Audrey is pink.

So, just thought I would share one of my favorite things that makes my life SOOOO much easier!

On to my next question...isn't it crazy how many people look at your blog that never expose themselves??? Makes me crazy. I, and probably every other blogger, would like to challenge you to leave a comment. Show yourself!

And, finally...I must say that I have some pretty cute kids!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yes...we've been back for almost a week now. It's hard getting back into the rhythm of things. My first day back of being a mom again, I thought I was gonna cry cause I thought it was so hard! I missed my kids like crazy and am so glad to be back with them but I was spoiled with a whole week of slothfulness.! I'm feeling back to my normal self now and am finally ready to update this blog...

This was on a "hike" (pretty mild) to Waimea Falls. It was soooo beautiful! It was essentially a botanical garden. It was fun to check out all of the native plants and to walk through what seemed like a massive jungle. The waterfall at the end is supposed to be amazing but...was pretty much nonexistent because of the lack of rain. Sad.

Here's Dan and Ty (Dan's brother) swimming in the murky falls water. Melanie (sis-in-law) and I didn't want to go in and get infections from all of the gunk...the water would have been fresh if there had been enough rain...
Here's Tyler and Melanie's baby Kevin...super good traveler and really cute!
Leaving the beach of Waikiki after a long day...

Super stuffed at Planet Hollywood...

Tyler's good buddy, Scott Dimond got married while we were there, so we got to spend some time with their family...

At Pearl Harbor, on the ferry to go see the USS Arizona that sank in the ocean..

Ty and Dan on the walkway built over the Arizona


We actually stayed in a house on the North Shore of Oahu. The house was pretty much gross, but the private beach across from it was AMAZING! We would play in the waves forever. Dan and Tyler would play forever and ever and ever!

Hanging out with the babe and Mel while the boys jumped cliffs...
Dan and Tyler snorkeling at Shark's cove. They swam with eels, turtles, and lots of pretty fish...
So, that's it! It was fun! Needless to say, we were ready to come home. By the end of the week, the muggy air, no a/c, the sand in our hair, the cockroach eating our toothpaste, the gecko that was washed with our clothes, the ants all over the counter, the scary people that came out at night, and the baby crab in our shower were making us miss our home and our darling babies. We'll have lots of fun memories of that trip!