Saturday, August 30, 2008

~ Isabelle Ann Wangsgard ~

Meet Isabelle...born on the 25th of August, weighing 7.1 lbs....and I can't remember her length!

It was a long night, as expected. 12 hour I am exhausted and super-duper hungry!

While I was having a baby, Caden was getting ready for Grandma to take him to his first day of 1st grade! It broke my heart to miss his first day...and second...but, he did just fine!

After school, my mom (Grandma) brought all the kids to the hospital. It was so fun to see them checking out their new sister!

Grandpa and Grandma Sunday

Just one of my lovely little sisters...Madi...

Uncle Dave...Dan's little bro (one of many)

Aunt Rebecca (Dan's older sister)...clear out from Tennessee! We were so lucky to have her here to meet Isabelle.

Yia-Yia (Dan's mom)

Aunt Meagan (Dan's littlest sister) taking care of Audrey and bros while we were at the hospital.

A fun Wangsgard Grandkid picture (Isabelle missed it by a couple days!) There is my kids, Marc & Bonnie's boys, Ty and Melanies two, and Rebecca's little girl...

The little girls...Madi (Melanie's), Audrey, and Ailia (Rebecca's)...

Thanks family so much for helping me during this time! It would have been insanely hard without y'all! Thanks for all the visitors, phone calls and love! I wish I had more pictures of my great family that was around...Logan, Brigham & Emilee, Popou, Noah, etc....thanks for your support too!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy me...

(Can you find me in the picture?? Is that carpet on the walls? This picture is of one of my birthdays when I lived in Arizona...I'm the blonde on the left. That's Brigham in the daisy-dukes, and Logan next to me...)
In honor of not being 30 yet... here are 29 tid-bits about me for all the 29 years of my so-called life that you might not know...
1. My name...Mariel. My mom got the idea from Mariel (pronounced Meriel) Hemmingway. She always liked her name but thought she was a bit of a hooker. So, she changed the pronunciation.

2. Middle name...Emory. I'm named after my super grandmother! I love that name and am proud to have it.

3. I've lived in 5 different states...Arizona, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, and Utah. I moved here my sophmore year.

4. I have tremors. It seems to freak people out to see my hands shake! But, it's a real thing, called Essential Familial Tremors. There is medicine that helps, but seeing how I'm either pregnant of nursing most of my life, I can't take it.

5. I graduated from Weber State the same exact day that I had my second child. I went to take my final exam and then drove straight to the hospital.

6. I'm afraid of lots of things, mostly the dark and bad people coming in my house. I like to have a night light and if my hubby is out of town, my brother has to come stay at my house.

7. I read and re-read textbooks on plants cover to cover with a highlighter in hand.

8. My mood is affected by the happiness and well-being of my plants. I feel pretty bummed to see the leaves on my plants droop, and happier when they are nice and perky!

9. I'm super girly in that I do NOT touch things that are gross...wet...slimy...smelly. (worms, snakes, raw meat, etc.) I fear old carpet, old couches, and anything else that houses dust, dirt, skin cells, hair, smells, etc.

10. I've got my own workshop and power tools. (chop saw, drill, planer, scrollsaw, bandsaw, etc.) And, I love using them to get crafty!

11. Crafty. I love being. Anything that lets me use my hands and my mind.

12. I have no time to be crafty right now.

13. Of all the morning to-do's...I despise putting on mascara. I put it off as long as I can. I totally need it cause my lashes are blonde but putting it on makes me bored.

14. I love, love, love musicals. I always say that if I could create a world, it would be a musical world. Everyone would have a lovely voice and burst out in song unexpectedly. People would dance in sync together, and the background music would automatically accompany.

15. If I could have one gift that I don't would be to have a beautiful singing voice.

16. I have a goal to one day be considered a scriptorian. I have lately had a fascination with scriptures, and the history of the people involved. I love trying to memorize the names, places, chronological orders of events, etc.

17. I've never had my nails done. They grow super fast and I find it very annoying to have to cut them short all the time. To me, long nails are a haven for germs and seriously get in the way.

18. I will NEVER eat fish. Any kind. I have never had shrimp, crab, lobster, or anything of the sorts. Ugh. It smells and is wet and slimy.

19. Weird smells are highly distracting to me.

20. I love coming up with ideas. For lessons, presents, decorating, writings, etc. I get excited when people call me asking for ideas!

21. I have night terrors. Thank goodness I have Dan to shake me out of my screaming fits at night.

22. My favorite vacation ever was when we flew to New York to pick up the car we bought on eBay. We drove back home and stopped at every possible church history site.

23. There is no movie good enough to be longer than an hour and a half. (The moment my brain shuts down)

24. Items I crave on a regular basis...chocolate molton cake, chili's southwestern egg rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuits and gravy, and yummy frosting on cupcakes or cookies.

25. I'm always on the lookout for a great pair of slippers to make my flat-feet feel better on my hard floors. I spend too much time online reading slipper reviews.

26. I love to organize things...drawers, file cabinets, info on my computer...

27. As soon as I find the time, I'm taking photography, golf, and sewing lessons.

28. I get anxiety when there is a lot of commotion. I prefer to have my house completely silent...hard with 3 kids, but I try. I do well under stress but prefer a peaceful, quiet, slow life.

29. I've already found a few gray hairs. Is that weird??

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I swear, I DID NOT push the Disney Princess thing on my little just happened! But, I's fun. The obsession started with Cinderella...or "rella", then Little Mermaid, Belle, and now Snow White. Every night she has to fall asleep to her princess music and every day is little toy princesses for entertainment. She has even referred to herself as "Audrey-rella".
Thus....her Princess Birthday Party!

I'm a proud mama of this little one! I swear that sometimes she is a REAL angel because she is such a sweetheart. Hopefully, her two's remain "terrific" and don't take a sudden turn for the worst.

Audrey has a huge fan we had a fiesta. My ever-cooking-yummy-food mamasita (not pictured) helped me a ton to pull off a fun get-together. Dan's family and mine packed the house!

Yes, my belly is large and Audrey is spoiled.

Princess, Princess, Princess...

Tea party with cousin Madi.

Happy Birthday, Audrey-rella!