Saturday, September 27, 2008

Women's Porn and Candy Corn

Comic relief and Sweet relief...that's what I need. Being a mom to four kids isn't easy to get used to! I keep thinking I should buy myself one of those "Take a Number" machines that they have at the deli counter so when my kids need something they can take their number and wait for it to be called. It always seems that they happen to need something all at the same time. I can hardly squeeze in the time it takes to go pee or eat! The days of Oprah, friendly chats on the phone, listening to obnoxious salesmen at the door, bargain shopping, etc. are over. I am officially a psycho, Suburban driving mom, who forgets everything, is late for everything, and speeds through the neighborhoods. I am no longer pleasant to talk to, go to lunch with, or be around. You will constantly be interrupted and ignored. Beware of me.
So, women's porn? Yes, hilarious. One of the funnier things I have come across lately.

Control yourself ladies...and enjoy.

Ranking right up there with women's porn, is a sinful thing called "candy corn". #@*#!! Candy corn!! Soon to be the death of me, or at least my diet. My massive bag of candy corn is constantly seducing me day and night.

Just a few more won't hurt. Nobody will know. Everybody's doing it.