Thursday, October 16, 2008

All Backed Up.

It's been a, get ready for a long unrelated series of events.
First off, Halloween decorating. My neighborhood is a great place for halloween! There is a house that turns their whole yard into Hogwarts from Harry Potter. It's awesome. There are Harry Potter characters looming around everywhere! Another house has a massive display of halloween statues that you see on a tour through their house. Another house is an hour and a half wait to get candy at the door....the line goes from their front door to the road. Insane. Really fun. Anyway, Halloween is such a cool day...I get excited decorating for it.
Yes, my flowers and shrubs are puny. Don't be so rude. I just started them this year...

This was a big moment for rag-a-muffin Audrey to sit next to this dude. Up until this point, she was deathly afraid to come within 20 feet of him!

Isabelle's Blessing. So, I almost wasn't sure if it was appropriate to have a get-together at my house celebrating her blessing because of all my devilish displays of Halloween. We obviously did it anyway.
I love my girls!
Something is SO interesting.

Just a few Isabelle fans.

Fish Lake at the Yarbrough's cabin...a yearly treat.

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to NOT take a lovely picture at Fish Lake in the Fall.

I know you are deeply jealous of the calm, peaceful feelings I must have been having basking in the tranquility of nature. Envy no more. Pause my impeccable music below and watch the above video. There were 8 kids at this cabin ages 6 and under...

Dan's pooped after a long hard day paintballing.



I would like the world to know that I royally kicked butt on the target shooting contest. I was most proud to beat Dave who claimed he would be bothered if beat by a girl. Oh, baby.

At home with the babe.

Lastly, a real problem. Audrey will not keep her clothes on. She will get naked up to 10 times a day. The biggest part of the problem is she is not potty-trained so I will randomly step in puddles of pee in the house. We have started to duck tape her diapers on. That works about 75% of the time. We have a roll of duck tape on the changing table that is a absolute requirement when changing her diaper. Although, she still manages to bust her way out of it. Any other suggestions would be welcome.
Oh yeah, we are having a Halloween party-ish type any of my friends (no psychos, please)...if you want me to mail you an invitation then please email me your address or leave a comment. Gracias.