Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deer Legs & Hair Balls

Attention: Please pause music to watch short videos.
Warning: This post will highly offend PETA-pants members and their sympathizers.
Disclaimer: Not one part of this deer went to waste.

So, Dan took Caden hunting this year...along with his Dad and brothers. Brother Dave got his first little buck!

Here's Rich giving a science lesson about the heart and liver to Shane & Audrey. Soon after he does an impressive and disgusting demonstration of eating raw internal deer organs.

Audrey is captivated.

I never thought my mouth would utter the words, "Deer legs are not allowed in the house!" But, I did. Caden and Shane came running in the house with their deer leg/weapons thinking they were the greatest thing ever. Watch Shane in action below...

We like dead deer, but even more we like alive deer. It's awesome to see a few of them in our yard nearly every day! The kids get so excited and paste their faces against the windows until they leave. Take note of the impressive buck!

Finally, my hair balls. Child birth = hair balls. They are frightening and excessive in amount. If they don't stop soon I will seriously be bald. Here is my hair ball from just one shower! Times this by every day.....scary!

The hair ball is larger than it appears.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ghoulish Gathering...

We had an awesome Halloween this year! We waited for an hour for LOTS of candy from the Mafia Man. We went to Hogwarts, a spook alley, had lots of people over for grub, and stayed up late watching "Watcher in the Woods"! We've been eating leftover carmel corn, potato soup, and eclairs for days! Can't complain about that...

Dan and I were ghosts, Audrey was Tinkerbelle, Isabelle was a Tootsie Roll, Shane a Ninja Turtle, and Caden was the Grim Reaper who was sick of wearing his mask.

Try and guess the guests!

You should have come!