Friday, March 27, 2009

Mexican/Bachelor Fiesta & A Real Bad Babysitter...

So, a few weeks back my family and I had a big Mexican to-do (coupled with watching The Bachelor, a.k.a Jerk-face)! We all made recipes from Tina's fabulous blog, Married to a Mexican. We all wish there was a mexican in our family because we can't get enough mexican food. You know how every family has their signature restaurant that they ALWAYS eat and meet at?? Well, ours is Patricia's Mexican (in Ogden, Utah). We love Patricia and her food. We don't even have to order when we go, she already know what we want. It's awesome! But, we can't go to Patricia's every day so we have internet-adopted Tina to be our Mexi-making guru.

The menu included Tina's Tacos de Pollo, Tres Leche, Chiles Rellenos, Horchata, Enchiladas Verdes con Pollo, Mexican Rice, and Pozole.

Mamasita very happy about her Pozole.

Mi hermano, Logan can't get enough enchiladas...

We had an insane amount of food!

Just some of mi familia.

Brigham, coming back for more...
The Award for...
The Worst Babysitter goes to......
Dan! Yay, my husband! I'm so proud of him! It's always reassuring as a mother to know that while I'm away my little girl is playing in the snow in her diapers and cowboy boots. (And, he had NO idea.) This is what I found when I got home...oh, well. At least she had fun.

Digging a hole to China.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lucky Leprechaun

That leprechaun that got away was pretty dang lucky! I can't tell you the pain and anguish he would have been in had my boys caught him. He would have given up his gold in no time flat! But, there is always next year. The boys are already working on their plan...
It was a pretty tricky trap that Shane made...complete with a trap door and a trail of Lucky Charms leading up to it. But, no luck. The sucker got away...flipped over the box, left a taunting note saying "You'll never catch me! Better LUCK next time!", and dropped behind some gold chocolate coins. Oh well. Better than nothing.

Shane and Caden cleaning up the leprechaun mess.

Audrey's new baby doll, Isabelle, fits perfectly...well a little her baby doll stroller. Isabelle LOVES it! She giggles like crazy when Audrey and the boys race (and I mean RACE)around the floors with her in the stroller.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Disney On Ice!

Audrey and I can't get enough of Disney and Princesses...obviously. Jessica and I took our little ladies to Disney on Ice and then to totally gorge at The Mandarin. Oh, baby.

It was fun having a little girl outing! Thanks Jessica!


Friday, March 6, 2009


We finally went! I've been talking about going for ages. It was so fun! Exhausting and fun. Now that we're back, Dan and I feel like WE need a vacation.

Here's the kids waiting ever-so patiently for our shuttle...(We left Isabelle with the grandparents, it made things so much easier. But, we missed her lots!)

Kicking some toy bootie on Buzz Lightyear's ride.

Not so fancy, but the swings are pretty fun at California Adventure!

I think we went at a great time of the year. There were only a couple lines that waited in about 30 minutes, but most of them were 10 minutes of less. Can't beat that. But, still..lots of lines and lots of pulling the kids off of the handle bars so we could move up one inch.

Miss Audrey



We heard that it almost NEVER rains in Disneyland. We were POURED ON two out of the three days we were there!

All of Audrey's dreams came true when she met all of the princesses at the Princess Lunch. It was so fun to see her in such awe. She got all decked out for the occasion.

California Adventure, from Shane's point of view. (Picture by Shane)

Waiting for the boys to get off the roller coasters...

Jedi training camp

Dan took Audrey to meet these dudes while Caden FORCED me to go on splash mountain! It was scary!

Shane on splash mountain. He was so mad and scared to death that he had to sit by himself.

Of all the fantastic rides, Audrey wanted to ride the carousel over and over and over.

Caden was scared to death of the roller coasters and refused to do them. But, slowly....he got worked up to doing EVERY roller coaster in the parks! Ya know how the park takes pictures of you on the scary parts and you can go see them on the board afterwards?? So, Caden is playing air guitar in his picture. That's how scared he was.

Waiting for the Small World ride. I loved this one! It was amazing!

After three fun filled days, Audrey couldn't handle anymore. Here she is soaking wet, sleeping in her stroller after the walk back to the hotel.

We were ALL sopping wet from the crazy rain!