Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where Have We Been?!?

This blog has seriously been put on the back burner! But, we're still's a bunch of pictures from the latest happenings!
The Fourth of July in Morgan

Audrey geared up for the parade to start.

So, my mom was actually in charge of this parade...since she is the county council woman for, it was fun to go see what she put together! And, she let Caden and Shane ride on the float and throw candy! They were so excited!

Can you see Shand and Caden in the to my little bro, Ethan?

Waiting for some candy!

Isabelle is worn out already...before the party even started!

Shane touching the huge, nasty python they had at the reptile show...

The reptile show at Morgan park...

My little sister's tye-die shirt booth...

Golfing at the Homestead...Dan and I got away for a couple days (thanks to my mom watching the kids)! We did 3 rounds of golf in less than 24 hours! It was so fun!

Shane's Preschool Graduation...

T-ball & Coach Pitch Games

The Deer eating the bird food on my tree...little bugger!

The zoo...look at those nasty windows!

The sprinkler pad in South Ogden

Mmmm....I love my girls!