Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer 2009

We've been CrAzY busy these past few weeks! Here's the run down - totally out of order!

First Day of 2nd Grade for Caden!

Jessica and I were invited to cook on ABC 4's Good Things Utah! Here we are on the set waiting for our turn...

It was funny cause afterwards some girls asked if they could get pictures with us! We got a small taste of fame!

Pineview with the Wangsgard's and Hubert's Family

Uncle Jeff, his beard, Yia Yia, Shane, and I'm blind... is that Kevin?


Jeff, Ty, and Dan in one of their many competitions...

Hubert, Hubert Jr. and Jessica!

Shaner was so happy to get his head chopped off.

Audrey, Jessica (jr.), and Madi laughing it up and Ty and Mel's cabin...

Aunt Meagan is always a good time!

My favorite kids!

Smelly Isabelley


Shane's Birthday!

Phew! Shane is FINALLY five!

Shane's Signature Look, a variation on Dr. Evil.

Isabelle's First Birthday!

Isn't she soooo cute? I could eat her for breakfast. Here she is loving her rainmaker, surrounded by tons of family! It was a fun night...and my house is still a wreck!

Grandma Sunday with Belly Bean

The highlight of the evening...the roller coaster Isabelle got for her birthday. The kids were going nuts over it! The boys were surfing down it, the girls fighting over it, and Isabelle loved it!

Fans of Isabelle

Logan and Kristy's Wedding (it's about time, right?!)

My favorite dudes, lookin' sharp!

My best girls!

The whole fam...

Dance party! Audrey and Madi danced the night was so cute!

All we need to have a good time is a glass of lemon water!

The Sunday's have got some moves!


Swimming Lessons

Keeping Audrey entertained with lip gloss during swimming lessons. She was always bummed she couldn't go in!

Caden's a little fish!

Shane's a little goof-ball!

Audrey's Birthday Party!

Her big gift, a teeter totter!

A big 3 year old!

Playing on our new tramp with Meagan and her friend.

My little Angel Babe

Audrey prefers "no clothes".

Dreaded Football

Football is too hot and too often. But, it's fun to see Caden! Here he is sweating his brains out at their first game last week.

Audrey guzzling my water...

Go Jets!

Note to self: Don't buy blue slushies.


Jylaire said...

I can't believe I'm friends with someone so famous! You have had a crazy busy summer! Do you want to adopt me? I think I'd have much funner birthdays if you did!

Kari said...

WHOA busy summer indeed! Your kids are so fabulously cute! I think it is so cool that you have been on Good Things Utah. That is really huge, and I really dig your other site.

Rebecca said...

Love, love, love all the pictures! As always, we wish we were there for it all! BTW - your background flower graphic (I think) is based on my favorite Van Gogh painting. It's the one hanging in my dining room. Good taste - ha, ha.

jess said...

what a fun and busy summer you've had.. Your kids just get cuter and cuter!! Thanks for the advice you left me... It made me so glad to know that someone else has felt the same way I do!

Hilti said...

Wow... You have been busy!! I can't believe how big your kids are getting (especially Caden!) We obviously don't see you guys enough, because it's like a time warp every time I see your kids. :) Great post!

The H E N R I E Seven said...

You are so amazingly beautiful! Congrats on the TV gig! I love reading your blog(s)~ they always brighten my day. I am going to try and make that yummy cake with the toffee bits that you just posted on your website! Oh ya, I keep forgetting to mention how gorgeous your kids are too! Your little girls have amazing eyes! Keep up the good work! :)

KT said...

You know your kids are too good looking! Cute pic's. I love that rollercoaster. I saw it at Sam's and almost bought it. It looks fun, but takes a lot of room. Have you enjoyed it, or did it get old?
What did you cook on good things utah? That's cool. You and Jessica look so cute.

mandy harline said...

I love all the pictures! I especially love the one of the three little girls laughing - what a keeper!! And the roller coaster ride is way cute!! My girls would love that! You all look so great and happy...I'm glad :) I, too, love peeking in on you and your sweet little kiddos!