Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Longest Post Ever...

Does anyone read this blog anymore? Probably not, since I hardly ever update it...and most of you see these pics on Facebook. I go back and forth...I'm tempted to just call it quits because I'm so busy with the other blog...hmmm....but, until I's another round-up of pictures.


Shane's dad couldn't bear to unhook him from the tree until he ran inside to grab the camera!

Pretzels and marshmallows, at least a good hour of entertainment.

Capitol Reef Park on our yearly Fish Lake trip...

Dave and his lovely Sara. Sara and her punk, Dave. :)

Isn't she so cute? This is my little niece, Josie. I love those eyes!

Crazy hair, Isabelle.

The family entertainment. I had to do some serious picking & choosing to find the least homosexual-like shots.

Audrey and Caleb shooting the breeze.

Isn't funny how boys can throw rocks in the water for hours? Pretty cute.


Belle playing in the yard...

My favorite kids, ever!

Caden's 8th birthday...

Halloween 2009, we've got a special forces dude, arial, piglet, and snake eyes. ink pads taste so good! Perfect snack while watching Elmo.

Halloween Party

Jennifer and her awesome cookie fingers that her and Meagan made.

Clint, Caroline and the always studly, Ezra.

Madison & Mariah

Noah and Kylee

Greg, Carla & Tom

Hubert and Jessica

Ty and Melanie

Jennifer, Nick, and Meagan

Greg, Jesse, Cooper, and Paula

Logan and Kristy...doesn't he make a beautiful woman?

Michael Jackson and the White Witch...who knew?

Paula and Isabelle

Dead princess and a dragon/scarecrow...

Cookin' away...

A serious family home evening (with the World Series on mute)...

Happy Birthday to Caden, Mariah, and Noah!

Yay, Noah!

18 Years old! Scary!

And, that's the latest! Caden is getting baptized this weekend, so hopefully I can get those up soon!


Becky said...

Too fun. I'm sad that we missed the party.

Hollyween said...

Whew! That was a lot!
As always, your family could be on the cover of a magazine. Congratulations to Caden! 8 is GREAT!

Britany said...

So glad you still update here! :)

Rebecca said...

Please, please don't stop this blog. I would be so sad. Keep the pictures coming!

Jylaire said...

You're crazy busy! Your kids are beautiful! You'd better not stop this blog...

**AMY MICHELLE** said...

I love looking at your pic's! Your Halloween party looked amazing, wish we could have been there. And those were some impressive costumes. Don't give up on this blog... I never see anyones pic's on facebook.

suburban hippie mama said...

I agree w/ amy! w/ all my "friends" on facebook i don't get a chance to look at their pics! beautiful family :)

Memmott Family said...

I love the family home evening with the world series on mute..

Thanks heavens for pause on our TV!!

i love the Halloween pictures

KT said...

I love this blog, I only check it once a month since you don't really update, but I don't facebook! I just made the coolest blog book on and that made blogging about anything and everything totally worth it to me. I LOVE it!
BTW that's the coolest white witch costume EVER! Where did you find it!??! I need you to think and come up with a great costume for me next year. Let me know:) Thanks I need to be cool at least one year. haha

KT said...

I'm excited to see Caden's baptism also, so get on that...Thanks You can also let me know any tips for family parties or anything since Kimball's will be next September...

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